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  • Group show at Galeria e Bregdetit

    Group show at Galeria e Bregdetit

    Exhibiting Collective: Kiara Asllani, Elisa Crostella, Michela Curti, Chiara De Maria, Adi Demi, Eni Derhemi, Giulia Dongillli, Ina Lisi, Lara Tonon Guest Artists: Elischa Kaminer, Sivan Rubinstein Title: Performative Exhibition #3 – Collective Contours Venue: Galeria e Bregdetit, Radhimë, Albania Organizers: Galeria e Bregdetit, Tirana Art Lab, ECUMENE Project Photos: Giulia Dajçi Performative Exhibition #3 […]

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  • Group show at Kunsthalle Bega

    Group show at Kunsthalle Bega

    Artists: Hyunjin Bek (South Korea), Adriana Chiruta (Romania), Baptiste Debombourg (France), Heecheon Kim (South Korea), Fabio Lattanzi Antinori (UK), Lawrence Lek (UK), Dalibor Martinis (Croatia), Adina Mocanu (Romania), Maria Pop Timaru (Romania), Larisa Sitar (Romania), Dimitar Solakov (Bulgaria), Stardust Architects (Romania) Title: Chronicles of the Future Superheroes Curator: Anca Verona Mihuleț Text: Ioana Chira Venue: Kunsthalle […]

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  • Stach Szumski At Berlinskej Model

    Stach Szumski At Berlinskej Model

    Artist: Stach SzumskiTitle: IPS TYPOGRAPHUSCurator: Piotr SikoraVenue: Berlinskej Model, Prague ​​The story you are about to read – or perhaps rather be swallowed by – is written on the walls of the gallery space. The intervention was conducted by Stachu in collaboration with legions of bugs as a part of a long-lasting psychedelic therapy session. […]

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  • 18th Tallinn Print Triennial: Warm. Checking Temperature in Three Acts

    18th Tallinn Print Triennial: Warm. Checking Temperature in Three Acts

    Artist: ArtLeaks | Jasmina Cibic | Hubert Czerepok | Agnes Denes | Igor Eškinja | Oxana Gourinovitch | Ferenc Gróf | Flo Kasearu | Eva Koťátková | Volodymyr Kuznetsov | Irena Lagator | Olson Lamaj | Marko Mäetamm | Alexander Manuiloff | Dóra Maurer | Raul Meel | Katja Novitskova | Dan Perjovschi | Géza […]

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  • Kadri Liis Rääk at Hoib Gallery

    Kadri Liis Rääk at Hoib Gallery

    Artist: Kadri Liis RääkExhibition title: XarkaadiaVenue: Hoib galerii, TallinnCurator: Marika Agu Kadri Liis Rääk (1990) is an artist combining the methods of scenography and new media, creating total and tactile environments. At the heart of her practice sits the idea of empowering the senses through the use of various materials. Kadri Liis treats her pieces […]

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  • Áron Lőrincz at Longtermhandstand

    Áron Lőrincz at Longtermhandstand

    Artist: Áron LőrinczExhibition title: SuccubusVenue: Longtermhandstand, BudapestCurator: Peter BenczeText by Bettina BencePhotography:  All images copyright and courtesy of the artists and Longtermhandstand, Budapest Áron Lőrincz finds the themes of his paintings mainly in the world of beliefs, legends and supernatural phenomena and examines their social and scientific explanations in the context of the age. The truth is legitimized […]

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  • Pakui Hardware At eastcontemporary

    Pakui Hardware At eastcontemporary

    Artist: Pakui Hardware Title: THE HOST Venue: eastcontemporary, Milan Curator: eastcontemporary Photo: courtesy of the artist, carlier The night before I was supposed to meet Pakui Hardware I had a strange dream. Perhaps it would be better to call it an extrasensory experience. I was staying in a modern hotel in the city centre of Vilnius. […]

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  • Maja Babič Košir at ravnikar gallery

    Maja Babič Košir at ravnikar gallery

    Artist: Maja Babič Košir  Title: TURNMEON Venue: Ravnikar Gallery Space, Ljubljana Curator: Piera Ravnikar Photo: Mario Zupanov Visual artist Maja Babič Košir, sculptor and painter, curiously blurs the boundaries between mediums in her new series of artworks, which includes paintings, drawings and large-scale collages, as well as sculptural works and spatial installations. The artist’s intuitive creative […]

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  • Antonie Stanová at Kvalitář Gallery

    Antonie Stanová at Kvalitář Gallery

    Artist: Antonie Stanová  Title: I Tried to Tell Ya Something Through the Phone Venue: Kvalitář Gallery, Prague Curator: Monika Čejková Photo: Studio Flusser The exhibition I Tried to Tell Ya Something Through the Phone presents the artistic output of Czech painter Antonie Stanové, accompanied by the auditory work of Bohumila Grögerová, a writer, translator, and creative figure from […]

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  • Curatorial residency

    Curatorial residency

    The East Call Curatorial Residency offers a unique opportunity for emerging curators to gain a comprehensive insight in the Hungarian and Slovakian contemporary art scene by examining its characteristics and understanding them in a broader, regional context. East Call is an intensive 2-week program that focuses on the status and practice of artists, contemporary curatorial […]

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  • Interview with DENIGOVA (Denisa Štefanigová)

    Interview with DENIGOVA (Denisa Štefanigová)

    Tell us a bit about your artistic background. What influenced you to be creative and become a serious artist? In my very classic childhood I have attended creative courses and it has always symbolized a safe space where it is possible to forget or alleviate all the difficulties I experienced. I would say that my […]

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    Project initiator: Katarzyna Kozyra Foundation Partners: The Katarzyna Kozyra Foundation, Easttopics, MeetFactory and Björnsonova Project curator: Agata Cieślak  Project coordinator: Magdalena Majewska  Project design and identification: Marcel Kaczmarek  Website developers: Aleksandra Gajda, Franciszek Dąbrowski Website edition: Zosiia Floeth, Iwona Łabuz, Justyna Michalska Media strategy: Business and Culture  Over 250 woman artists and one platform that […]

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  • Interview with Barbora Půlpánová, founder of EDUART EXPERIENCE

    Interview with Barbora Půlpánová, founder of EDUART EXPERIENCE

    You are the founder of the EDUART EXPERIENCE – a platform that helps new collectors navigate their way around the art world. How did you come up with this idea?   Since relocating from London back to the Czech Republic in March of last year, it became clear from very early on that my peers were […]

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  • MMM at Art Quarter Budapest

    MMM at Art Quarter Budapest

    Artist: Szilvia Bolla, Lorinc Borsos, Dániel Kophelyi, Ppillovv, Adrian Kiss, Erik Mátrai, Gyula Muskovics — Tamás Páll — Viktor Szeri, Márton Emil Tóth Title: MMM Venue: Art Quarter Budapest Photos: Dávid Bíró We descend hand-in-hand to the heart of the mountain, leaving any emotions behind. The familiar pathways of the mind lead to a wet, […]

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  • It’s Oh So Quiet | Antonie Stanová at Kvalitar Gallery, Prague

    It’s Oh So Quiet | Antonie Stanová at Kvalitar Gallery, Prague

    Curated by Nikola Nováková Kvalitar Gallery On view until 9th August, 2019 As you dreamt, you found yourself in a house with long translucent curtains, white walls and a ceiling that stretched very high. And everything that happened within those white walls was cyclical — it restarted after a certain amount of time. You fell […]

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