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  • Botond Keresztesi and Stach Szumski at Piana Gallery

    Botond Keresztesi and Stach Szumski at Piana Gallery

    Artists: Botond Keresztesi, Stach Szumski Title: Dungeon Keepers Venue: Piana Gallery, Krakow A joint Polish-Hungarian exhibition by two friendly artists will be their first show in Krakow. The space of the Piana gallery on Wrocławska Street will be transformed into a multi-threaded, narrative environment that will bring together important themes in the work of these…

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  • Attila Bagi at ENA Viewing Space

    Attila Bagi at ENA Viewing Space

    Exhibition Title: Clear like the shape of memoriesArtist: Attila BagiCurators: Peter BenczeVenue: ENA Viewing Space, BudapestDuration: 1 July – 4 August 2023Photo: Áron Weber Attila Bagi’s paintings and mural compositions are fragile, ethereal mosaics evoking the infinite transformation of perception into memory and experience. The fragments, eternally distorting and decomposing, suddenly surfacing or sinking, are…

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  • Group show at Solatorium

    Group show at Solatorium

    Title: Summertime Sadness Artists: Joanna Bocheńska, Ten Cza, Kamila Maria Kamińska, Weronika Minias, Weronika Nowak, Michał Pańczyk, Katarzyna Sporn, Kacper Tomaszewski, Agata Włodarczyk Curator: Aleksandra Liput Venue: Solatorium Text: Aleksandra Liput, Ten Cza Holiday sorrows, gusts of passion, melancholy, broken hearts, sudden elation, long kisses. Summer goes by so fast. The days are getting shorter.…

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  • Natalia Janula & Joanna Wierzbicka at Generation and Display Gallery

    Natalia Janula & Joanna Wierzbicka at Generation and Display Gallery

    Title: I may have bitten off more than I can chewArtists: Natalia Janula & Joanna WierzbickaCurator: Amelie MckeeVenue: Generation and Display Gallery, London “Mom says you become what you eat. Hence, I used to lick the meat off  the fishbones  of mackerel and reassemble them into the shape it was in.  The immortal world that I believe with many alternatives. Ways of living,  farmed to table, nursed for education, production for consumption, meal  per person, collective living. Making sense, making asss sensing.   ‘Think, dream and act according to what you eat and drink.’  Recognized  by futuristic movement,  cooking and eating became subservient to the aesthetic experience, fetishized and fantasized upon layers of reality, a camera obscurain a moving castle.  Life moments await me to capture, to preserve, to ferment, for digestion.   Good gut material.  Good cut bacteria. Good Gut bacteria “text by Ada Hao I may have bitten off more than I can chew comes from an ongoing dialogue between artists Natalia Janula…

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  • Eliska Konecna at eastcontemporary

    Eliska Konecna at eastcontemporary

    Artist: Eliska Konecna Title: ‘A Dry Place to Fall’ Venue: eastcontemporary, Milan Photography: Tiziano Ercoli What is fascinating about Eliška Konečná’s work is that it reflects both tendencies and concerns of the young generation of Czech artists (she graduated from the Painting Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in 2020) while detaching…

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  • Trin Alt & Zuza Golińska at RAVNIKAR GALLERY SPACE

    Trin Alt & Zuza Golińska at RAVNIKAR GALLERY SPACE

    Artists: Trin Alt & Zuza Golińska Venue: RAVNIKAR GALLERY SPACE, Ljubljana Curator: Lara Mejač Title: Scorching Photos: Mario Zupanov Visual artists Trin Alt and Zuza Golińska create site-specific environments which often refer to post-apocalyptic fantasies and aesthetics, while reflecting on the possible destinies of our planet in the light of accelerating capitalism, climate change, and…

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  • Group show at Kogo Gallery

    Group show at Kogo Gallery

    Artists: Darja Popolitova, Sabīne Vernere, Elīna VītolaCurator: Šelda PuķīteTitle: TriquetraVenue: Kogo Gallery, TartuPhotos: Roman-Sten Tõnissoo Humans often have a tendency to view the world as a binary entity where all things and actions can be categorised into simple oppositions. This creates an illusion of control and a promise of harmony. At the same time, imagining…

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  • Group Show at

    Group Show at

    Artists: Eglė Budvytytė (LT/NL), Kasha Potrohosh (UA/SK), Viktória Revická (SK), Jura Shust (BY/DE), Ádám Ulbert (HU), Alicja Wysocka (PL/NL)Curator: Flóra Gadó / HUVenue:, Bratislava Photos: isonative The exhibition is inspired by recent interest in spiritual worldviews and the revival of ancient knowledge in contemporary art. In times of crisis such as the current one, it…

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  • Group Show at C U AT SADKA

    Group Show at C U AT SADKA

    Title: SKIN DEEP Venue: C U AT Sadka, Krakow artists: Jakub Gliński, Kornel Leśniak, Marcjanna, Ola Nenko, Monika Przygodzka, Mateusz Sarzyński, Stach Szumski curator: Michalina Sablik  performance curator: Kornel Leśniak I know that you have a fragile heart. I promise to touch it carefully. I promise that my hands will be warm, he whispered tenderly…

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  • Nepheli Barbas, Martin Herold at  Berlinskej model

    Nepheli Barbas, Martin Herold at  Berlinskej model

    Artist: Nepheli Barbas, Martin Herold Title: Water of Mars – Couples 7 Curator: Richard BakešVenue: Berlinskej model, Prague Photos: František Svatoš The Arago tobacco bar is an abandoned and familiar place, indifferent and intimate, where one wishes to forget the seasons of Mars and the sulphurous breath of the glass doorways. The wandering customers bathe…

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  • Kristina Õllek at Kogo Gallery

    Kristina Õllek at Kogo Gallery

    Artist: Kristina Õllek Title: Waters of Hypoxic Slime and Tropic Lime Venue: Kogo Gallery, Tartu 3.5 billion years ago, being present then and now,the oldest known organism is living among us. The catalyst and the changer of Earth’s life forms,creating the oxygenic atmosphere as we know and breathe.Breathe breathe breathe, say hello to cyanobacteria. At…

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  • Eva Kot’átková, Jiří Kovanda, Karolína Liberová at Tschechisches Zentrum

    Eva Kot’átková, Jiří Kovanda, Karolína Liberová at Tschechisches Zentrum

    Artist: Eva Kot’átková, Jiří Kovanda, Karolína LiberováTitle: LenkaCurator: Anezka JabůrkováVenue: Tschechisches Zentrum, WienPhotos: Jan Stehule Car seats, chairs, shoes, jackets, and gloves—objects around us designed to serve us best. Clothes keep us warm, ergonomically designed car seats allow us to travel for long hours, shoes make running easier, gloves protect us from injuries, and chairs…

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  • Judita Levitnerová at Galerie mladých

    Judita Levitnerová at Galerie mladých

    Artist: Judita Levitnerová Title: Head to Presser Venue: Galerie mladých, Brno Curator: Ivana Hrončeková Judita Levitnerová takes interest in textiles in a wide range of meanings. Through a handmade paraphrase of industrial automated production, she explores the phenomenon of gendered labor, the influence of hard manual labor on identity formation and the tradition of artistic…

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  • Gábor Pap at Artkartell Projectspace

    Gábor Pap at Artkartell Projectspace

    Artist: Gábor Pap Title: Notebook of escape ideas Curator: Gábor Rieder Venue: Artkartell Projectspace, Budapest Photos: István András Juhász Artkartell projectspace is happy to present the season opening solo exhibition of Gábor Pap: Notebook of escape ideas. As a member of the youngest generation of Hungarian artists, in his collection of extraordinary sincerity Pap mixes…

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  • Honza Zamojski at MGLC

    Honza Zamojski at MGLC

    Artist: Honza Zamojski Title: Middleman Curator: Nevenka Šivavec and Yasmín Martín Vodopivec Venue: MGLC, Ljubljana In Honza Zamojski’s latest exhibition, the eponymous Middleman plays various roles. He is a viewer who, upon entering the exhibition space, stands in the middle of the symmetrical architecture. He is also an author who mediates between the world of…

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