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  • Botond Keresztesi and Stach Szumski at Piana Gallery

    Botond Keresztesi and Stach Szumski at Piana Gallery

    Artists: Botond Keresztesi, Stach Szumski Title: Dungeon Keepers Venue: Piana Gallery, Krakow A joint Polish-Hungarian exhibition by two friendly artists will be their first show in Krakow. The space of the Piana gallery on Wrocławska Street will be transformed into a multi-threaded, narrative environment that will bring together important themes in the work of these…

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  • Attila Bagi at ENA Viewing Space

    Attila Bagi at ENA Viewing Space

    Exhibition Title: Clear like the shape of memoriesArtist: Attila BagiCurators: Peter BenczeVenue: ENA Viewing Space, BudapestDuration: 1 July – 4 August 2023Photo: Áron Weber Attila Bagi’s paintings and mural compositions are fragile, ethereal mosaics evoking the infinite transformation of perception into memory and experience. The fragments, eternally distorting and decomposing, suddenly surfacing or sinking, are…

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  • Eliska Konecna at eastcontemporary

    Eliska Konecna at eastcontemporary

    Artist: Eliska Konecna Title: ‘A Dry Place to Fall’ Venue: eastcontemporary, Milan Photography: Tiziano Ercoli What is fascinating about Eliška Konečná’s work is that it reflects both tendencies and concerns of the young generation of Czech artists (she graduated from the Painting Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in 2020) while detaching…

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  • Trin Alt & Zuza Golińska at RAVNIKAR GALLERY SPACE

    Trin Alt & Zuza Golińska at RAVNIKAR GALLERY SPACE

    Artists: Trin Alt & Zuza Golińska Venue: RAVNIKAR GALLERY SPACE, Ljubljana Curator: Lara Mejač Title: Scorching Photos: Mario Zupanov Visual artists Trin Alt and Zuza Golińska create site-specific environments which often refer to post-apocalyptic fantasies and aesthetics, while reflecting on the possible destinies of our planet in the light of accelerating capitalism, climate change, and…

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  • Group Show at

    Group Show at

    Artists: Eglė Budvytytė (LT/NL), Kasha Potrohosh (UA/SK), Viktória Revická (SK), Jura Shust (BY/DE), Ádám Ulbert (HU), Alicja Wysocka (PL/NL)Curator: Flóra Gadó / HUVenue:, Bratislava Photos: isonative The exhibition is inspired by recent interest in spiritual worldviews and the revival of ancient knowledge in contemporary art. In times of crisis such as the current one, it…

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  • Kristina Õllek at Kogo Gallery

    Kristina Õllek at Kogo Gallery

    Artist: Kristina Õllek Title: Waters of Hypoxic Slime and Tropic Lime Venue: Kogo Gallery, Tartu 3.5 billion years ago, being present then and now,the oldest known organism is living among us. The catalyst and the changer of Earth’s life forms,creating the oxygenic atmosphere as we know and breathe.Breathe breathe breathe, say hello to cyanobacteria. At…

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  • Eva Kot’átková, Jiří Kovanda, Karolína Liberová at Tschechisches Zentrum

    Eva Kot’átková, Jiří Kovanda, Karolína Liberová at Tschechisches Zentrum

    Artist: Eva Kot’átková, Jiří Kovanda, Karolína LiberováTitle: LenkaCurator: Anezka JabůrkováVenue: Tschechisches Zentrum, WienPhotos: Jan Stehule Car seats, chairs, shoes, jackets, and gloves—objects around us designed to serve us best. Clothes keep us warm, ergonomically designed car seats allow us to travel for long hours, shoes make running easier, gloves protect us from injuries, and chairs…

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  • Laura Põld and Andres Tolts at Kogo Gallery

    Laura Põld and Andres Tolts at Kogo Gallery

    Artists: Laura Põld, Andres ToltsCurator: Šelda Puķīte Title: Common Threads, Polar Bear and Elephant Venue: Kogo Gallery, Tartu Photos: Marje Eelma This year’s final exhibition at Kogo Gallery is by Laura Põld and the late Estonian art classic Andres Tolts (1949–2014). Although they represent two different generations and the histories attached to them, both seem…

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  • Nika Kupyrova at Bildraum

    Nika Kupyrova at Bildraum

    Artist: Nika Kupyrova Title: Woman in Green Text by Kathrin Heinrich Photography by Janine Schranz Video installation by Gerald Zahn and Nika Kupyrova Venue: Bildraum, Vienna Crime and Embellishment A scene is set: the swimming pool glistening in the fractured sunlight of an unsettled autumn day, leaves strewn about the cobblestone ground, the doors of…

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  • Katarína Hrušková and Lucie Rosenfeldová at Cursor Gallery 

    Katarína Hrušková and Lucie Rosenfeldová at Cursor Gallery 

    Artists: Katarína Hrušková and Lucie Rosenfeldová  Curator: Jan Zálešák Venue:  Cursor Gallery, Prague Photos: Filip Beranek Here we are, in the gallery. Crouched on the floor, painted coral red, where a lightly rippling metal ellipse held together by hundreds of welds and lifting two tiny bronze shells at the furthest open ends at eye level, we…

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  • Anna Ceipe at Hoib gallery, Tallinn

    Anna Ceipe at Hoib gallery, Tallinn

    Artist: Anna Ceipe Venue: Hoib Gallery, Tallinn Text: Vaida Stepanovaite It was a day, or maybe a night, but definitely one like no other. The sea was restless, screechingly slashing its waves into concrete blocks piled up ashore, one huge stride following an even larger stride. Was this the moment when a weary walrus came…

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  • Saša Tkačenko at Galeria e Bregdetit

    Saša Tkačenko at Galeria e Bregdetit

    Artist: Saša Tkačenko Title: This mess we’re inVenue: Galeria e Bregdetit, VlorëCurator: Natalija Paunić Mapping the dystopian contradictions of our times: this is how Saša described the intentions behind this exhibition to me. The works reconstruct his personal photo archives and are further combined with utilitarian objects of no particular aesthetic consequence, he adds. The personal…

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  • Driant Zeneli at NGM

    Driant Zeneli at NGM

    Artist: Driant Zeneli Title: The Trilogy: Beneath a surface there’s just another surfaceVenue: National Gallery of North MacedoniaCurator: Ana Frangovska The exhibition The Trilogy: Beneath a surface, there’s just another surface is a multimedia and interdisciplinary project by a well-known Albanian artist Driant Zeneli, which consists of three videos (installation), drawings, ready-made objects, and installations. The element that…

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  • Andreea Anghel at Zina Gallery

    Andreea Anghel at Zina Gallery

    Artist: Andreea AnghelExhibition Title: The Well-Upholstered NightmareVenue: Zina Gallery, Cluj-Napoca, RomaniaCurator: Flaviu RogojanPhotos: Madalin Margaritescu / Andreea Anghel xX1990LoneRangerXx was late for a meeting with his workmate at the office when it hit him again. Only this time it wasn’t the usual panic, body shaking violently, sweaty palms and all that crap, oh no… this…

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  • Filip Rybkowski at Piana Gallery

    Filip Rybkowski at Piana Gallery

    Artists: Filip RybkowskiTitle: Buffer zones Venue: Piana Gallery „It sometimes occurs to us that everything we experience is the shredded and diminished parts of some former whole that was once simply erroneously completed. „(Robert Musil) How did it happen that the pigeon, an animal inherently aggressive and characterized by an extremely intense sexual drive, became…

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