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  • Saša Tkačenko at Galeria e Bregdetit

    Saša Tkačenko at Galeria e Bregdetit

    Artist: Saša Tkačenko Title: This mess we’re inVenue: Galeria e Bregdetit, VlorëCurator: Natalija Paunić Mapping the dystopian contradictions of our times: this is how Saša described the intentions behind this exhibition to me. The works reconstruct his personal photo archives and are further combined with utilitarian objects of no particular aesthetic consequence, he adds. The personal…

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    The third edition of the international gallery exchange SUMO Prague 2022 brings exhibitions, performances, and lectures that have developed through cooperation between international partners in the field of contemporary art. SUMO Prague 2022, subtitled CO-EXIST, will take place from September 1 to October 14, 2022, in Prague. In this year’s edition of the project, which…

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  • Driant Zeneli at NGM

    Driant Zeneli at NGM

    Artist: Driant Zeneli Title: The Trilogy: Beneath a surface there’s just another surfaceVenue: National Gallery of North MacedoniaCurator: Ana Frangovska The exhibition The Trilogy: Beneath a surface, there’s just another surface is a multimedia and interdisciplinary project by a well-known Albanian artist Driant Zeneli, which consists of three videos (installation), drawings, ready-made objects, and installations. The element that…

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  • Gdańska Galeria Miejska

    Gdańska Galeria Miejska

    Artists: Alicja Pakosz, Wiktoria Walendzik Title: Cold lips of the waves Curator: Michalina Sablik Venue: Gdańska Galeria Miejska, Gdańsk Photos: Tomasz Koszewnik Your lips of the waves are so cold, he said to me during our last meeting. He then left for good, like the last train from Sopot to Warsaw, like the memorable last…

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  • Andreea Anghel at Zina Gallery

    Andreea Anghel at Zina Gallery

    Artist: Andreea AnghelExhibition Title: The Well-Upholstered NightmareVenue: Zina Gallery, Cluj-Napoca, RomaniaCurator: Flaviu RogojanPhotos: Madalin Margaritescu / Andreea Anghel xX1990LoneRangerXx was late for a meeting with his workmate at the office when it hit him again. Only this time it wasn’t the usual panic, body shaking violently, sweaty palms and all that crap, oh no… this…

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  • Filip Rybkowski at Piana Gallery

    Filip Rybkowski at Piana Gallery

    Artists: Filip RybkowskiTitle: Buffer zones Venue: Piana Gallery „It sometimes occurs to us that everything we experience is the shredded and diminished parts of some former whole that was once simply erroneously completed. „(Robert Musil) How did it happen that the pigeon, an animal inherently aggressive and characterized by an extremely intense sexual drive, became…

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  • Group show at White & Weiss Gallery, Bratislava

    Group show at White & Weiss Gallery, Bratislava

    Artists: Claude Eigan, Sári Ember, Monika Grabuschnigg, Eliška Konečná Curator and text: Michal Stolárik Title: Anything goes when in love Photosby Adam Šakový Venue: White & Weiss Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia Exhibition Anything goes when in love is the fourth contribution to the Anything goes series –projects that have annually populated the White & Weiss Gallery…

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  • Group show at Galeria e Bregdetit

    Group show at Galeria e Bregdetit

    Exhibiting Collective: Kiara Asllani, Elisa Crostella, Michela Curti, Chiara De Maria, Adi Demi, Eni Derhemi, Giulia Dongillli, Ina Lisi, Lara Tonon Guest Artists: Elischa Kaminer, Sivan Rubinstein Title: Performative Exhibition #3 – Collective Contours Venue: Galeria e Bregdetit, Radhimë, Albania Organizers: Galeria e Bregdetit, Tirana Art Lab, ECUMENE Project Photos: Giulia Dajçi Performative Exhibition #3…

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  • Group show at Pragovka Gallery

    Group show at Pragovka Gallery

    Leading curator: Lucie Nováčková ALTERNATIVE MODELS OF THE FUTURECurator: Monika Szűcsová, Kryštof Brůha, András Cséfalvay, Michal Mitro, Andrea Uváčiková MYCELIUMCurator: Kamila ŽenatáJana Babincová, Jakub Grosz, Marie Ladrová, Lucie Nováčková, Kateřina Strach Tichá, Magdalena Šlajchová, Pavel Tichoň, Jiří Vyskočil, Pavla Zábranská, Kamila Ženatá DISSONANCECurators: Kristýna Řeháčková a Daniela ŠiandorováMaroš Belák, Filip Hauer a Philipp Kolychev, Klaudie…

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  • Group show at VUNU Gallery

    Group show at VUNU Gallery

    Artists: Matouš Kašpar, Adrian Altman and Zuzana Svatik Title: Decompose me, decompose you curator: Nikolas Bernath Venue: VUNU Gallery, Košice, Slovakia The name of the exhibition “Decompose me, decompose you“ is an excerpt of the lyrics of the song “BoyLife in EU” by Swedish rapper Yung Lean. The show was planned months ago so in…

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  • Marie Lukáčová & Valentýna Janů at Galerie NoD

    Marie Lukáčová & Valentýna Janů at Galerie NoD

    Title:MARIE & VALENTÝNAArtists: Marie Lukáčová & Valentýna JanůCurator: Pavel KubesaVenue: Galerie NoDPhoto: Michal Ureš Video Credits: Directed by: Marie Lukáčová & Valentýna JanůMusic by: Filip KrausLyrics: Marie Lukáčová & Valentýna Janů, Filip KrausDOP: Kryštof Hlůže2nd camera: Anežka HorováChoreography: Monina NevrláDancers: Monina Nevrlá, Janny Smejkal, Valentýna JanůColour Grading: Branko AvramovskiEditors: Marie Lukáčová & Valentýna JanůAssistants: Štěpán…

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  • Inga Meldere At Temnikova & Kasela gallery

    Inga Meldere At Temnikova & Kasela gallery

    Artist: Inga MeldereTitle: Bluetooth (Sister N.)Venue: Temnikova & Kasela gallery, Tallinn As an academically trained conservator and restorer, Sister I. has been practicing the trade since the early aughts. But the medium of her other degree —painting—is where she is most comfortable. Throughout her practice, Sister I. builds bridges between the imagination of the past…

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  • Iva Krupicová, Pavel Šimíček at Studio PRÁM

    Iva Krupicová, Pavel Šimíček at Studio PRÁM

    Artist: Iva Krupicová, Pavel ŠimíčekTitle: Paradox of the Simply DisciplineCurator: Šárka KoudelováVenue: Studio PRÁM, Prague The works of Iva Krupicová and Pavel Šimíček are typical for their non-figural expression. It even seems that certain disinterest is part of the aim of both artists. As if they were both looking for a form that denies any…

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  • Group show at Kunsthalle Bega

    Group show at Kunsthalle Bega

    Artists: Hyunjin Bek (South Korea), Adriana Chiruta (Romania), Baptiste Debombourg (France), Heecheon Kim (South Korea), Fabio Lattanzi Antinori (UK), Lawrence Lek (UK), Dalibor Martinis (Croatia), Adina Mocanu (Romania), Maria Pop Timaru (Romania), Larisa Sitar (Romania), Dimitar Solakov (Bulgaria), Stardust Architects (Romania) Title: Chronicles of the Future Superheroes Curator: Anca Verona Mihuleț Text: Ioana Chira Venue: Kunsthalle…

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  • Stach Szumski At Berlinskej Model

    Stach Szumski At Berlinskej Model

    Artist: Stach SzumskiTitle: IPS TYPOGRAPHUSCurator: Piotr SikoraVenue: Berlinskej Model, Prague ​​The story you are about to read – or perhaps rather be swallowed by – is written on the walls of the gallery space. The intervention was conducted by Stachu in collaboration with legions of bugs as a part of a long-lasting psychedelic therapy session.…

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