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  • Stach Szumski at Studio of the Young Artist’s Association

    Stach Szumski at Studio of the Young Artist’s Association

    Artist: Stach Szumski  Title: Splittertown Venue: Studio of the Young Artist’s Association, Budapest Curator: Useless Galeri Photo: Digitaliskepmuhely The show titled Splittertown is realized in FKSE (The Studio of Young Artist’s Association) and is based on the paintings of Zbigniew Ralicki, the great-uncle of Stach Szumski. The architectonical landscape that Zbigniew Ralicki called to life […]

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  • Šimon Chovan at Nitrianska Galéria

    Šimon Chovan at Nitrianska Galéria

    Artist: Šimon ChovanTitle: Wings in motion Venue: Nitrianska Galéria Curator: Barbora GeržovPhoto: Viliam Ondo

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  • Adrian Kiss at Nyolcésfél

    Adrian Kiss at Nyolcésfél

    Artist: Adrian Kiss Title: Dunyha Tomorrow Venue: Nyolcésfél, Budapest Photos: Dávid Bíró The hybrid character of the works created by Adrian Kiss (1990) in recent years has evolved from the synthesis of the sensuality of his artistic approach and the rationality of his creative process conceived of as design. While the former presupposes a contemplative, […]

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    Artist: Stano Filko Title: REGISTRATION OF STANO FILKO Curator: Boris Ondreička Venue: Fait Gallery, Brno Photo: Martin Polák Stanislav (from now on Stano) Filko remains undoubtedly one of the most important figures of (Czecho-)Slovak art in all of its history. At the same time he is one of our most internationally active artists – whether by participation in important international […]

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    Artist: Vytenis Burokas, Tarek Lakhrissi, Maria Loboda, Liv Preston, Anastasia Sosunova, Alexandra Sukhareva, Virgilijus Šonta Curators: Dina Akhmadeeva, Adomas Narkevičius Title: Avoidance Venue: Centre for Contemporary Art FUTURA, Prague Photo: Jan Kolský In the midst of the second lockdown, towards the end of 2020 (when this exhibition was conceived) you find yourself absorbed in thought as […]

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    Artist: Michal Mitro Title: SAD Light Therapy Venue: Tabacka Gallery, Kosice Do you suffer from fall and winter depression or even notice signs of depression during prolonged periods of cloudy or rainy weather during other seasons? Chances are you are experiencing symptoms of SAD Seasonal Affective Dissoreder. Could a small tabletop box be the solution to […]

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  • Lukas Hofmann at Moderna Museet Malmö

    Lukas Hofmann at Moderna Museet Malmö

    Artist: Lukas Hofmann Performers: Mirabella Paidamwoyo Dziruni, Dourane Fall, Lukas Hofmann, Scott Hopper, Nicole Walker, Marat Zakirov Title: Into the Unknown Venue: Moderna Museet, Malmö Photo: Iryna Drahun Playing with rites of passage that are wrapped in brands and ideas of the 21st century, Lukas Hofmann acts as a kind of a modern sorcerer. His performative […]

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  • Ciprian Muresan at plan b

    Ciprian Muresan at plan b

    Artist: Ciprian Muresan  Venue: Plan B, Berlin Ciprian Muresan’s exhibition is a critical exploration into the collections that art institutions inheritafter radical shifts in the political systems or socio-political (even aesthetical) changes ofparadigms, when museum storages become repositories of “junk“. These collections-as-containers could be the subject of TV shows such as Storage Wars, where participants […]

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  • Anastasia Sosunova at Britta rettberg

    Anastasia Sosunova at Britta rettberg

    Artist: Anastasia Sosunova Title: Jubilee Venue: Britta Rettberg, Munich Photo: Dirk Tacke On occasion of her first solo show in Munich, Lithuanian artist Anastasia Sosunova presents a multilayered installation combining sculpture, video, vinyl and woodcut prints with the intent to explore acts of worldbuilding and critically understand the structure behind collective ideals and their dissemination. The […]

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  • Group show at Karlin studio

    Group show at Karlin studio

    Artists: Denise Ferreira da Silva & Arjuna Neuman, Anetta Mona Chișa, Haseeb Ahmed⁠ Title: Earthlings III: Patterns Curators: Lukáš Likavčan, Caroline Krzyszton⁠ Venue: Karlin Studios, Prague Photos: Tomáš Souček The third part of the main exhibition of Fotograf Festival 11: Earthlings explores the possibilities of overcoming the cycle of violence and healing, extraction and growth. […]

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  • Peter Kašpar at A Promise of Kneropy

    Peter Kašpar at A Promise of Kneropy

    Artist: Peter Kašpar Title: Liquid Being Venue: A Promise of Kneropy, Bratislava Curator: Ema Hesterová & Denis Kozerawski (APART Collective) The complexity of the development pace of technological progress and artificial intelligence forces us to often resort to simplification, categorization and to understand the current situation through binary optics. We have the impression that humans and technologies […]

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  • Pakui Hardware At eastcontemporary

    Pakui Hardware At eastcontemporary

    Artist: Pakui Hardware Title: THE HOST Venue: eastcontemporary, Milan Curator: eastcontemporary Photo: courtesy of the artist, carlier The night before I was supposed to meet Pakui Hardware I had a strange dream. Perhaps it would be better to call it an extrasensory experience. I was staying in a modern hotel in the city centre of Vilnius. […]

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  • Maja Babič Košir at ravnikar gallery

    Maja Babič Košir at ravnikar gallery

    Artist: Maja Babič Košir  Title: TURNMEON Venue: Ravnikar Gallery Space, Ljubljana Curator: Piera Ravnikar Photo: Mario Zupanov Visual artist Maja Babič Košir, sculptor and painter, curiously blurs the boundaries between mediums in her new series of artworks, which includes paintings, drawings and large-scale collages, as well as sculptural works and spatial installations. The artist’s intuitive creative […]

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  • Antonie Stanová at Kvalitář Gallery

    Antonie Stanová at Kvalitář Gallery

    Artist: Antonie Stanová  Title: I Tried to Tell Ya Something Through the Phone Venue: Kvalitář Gallery, Prague Curator: Monika Čejková Photo: Studio Flusser The exhibition I Tried to Tell Ya Something Through the Phone presents the artistic output of Czech painter Antonie Stanové, accompanied by the auditory work of Bohumila Grögerová, a writer, translator, and creative figure from […]

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  • George Crîngașu At Zina Gallery

    George Crîngașu At Zina Gallery

    Artist: George Crîngașu Title: Fear of Sunsets Venue: Zina Gallery, Cluj-Napoca Photo: YAP Studio / Pavel Curagău The dust has settled. And with it, a certain ritualization of a new breeding medium begins, on land and inland as well. Here things can be named and placed. It is from here that one can see how far […]

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