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  • Among and Between

    Among and Between

    Exhibiting artists: Zsuzsa Magyari, Tünde Mézes, Ádám Takács, Ádám Miklós Varga Curator: Mónika Zsikla Graphic design: Marcell KazsikVenue: Budapest Gallery The Budapest Gallery’s summer exhibition, which concludes this academic year, will present the work of four young artists. The artists’ shared endeavour to “fill the space”, the dialogues between the individual artworks, and the ways…

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  • Gideon Horváth | I Put My Hand Into a Beehive

    Gideon Horváth | I Put My Hand Into a Beehive

    Curator: Flóra GADÓ Budapest Gallery Graphic design: Flóra PÁLHEGYI In his current exhibition Gideon Horváth, winner of Balkon Contemporary Art Magazine’s fifth Inside Express Award, continues his research on the ecological crisis. The artist’s answer to the various apocalyptic narratives is to focus on the here and the now. He argues, that in order to…

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