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  • Andreea Anghel at Zina Gallery

    Andreea Anghel at Zina Gallery

    Artist: Andreea AnghelExhibition Title: The Well-Upholstered NightmareVenue: Zina Gallery, Cluj-Napoca, RomaniaCurator: Flaviu RogojanPhotos: Madalin Margaritescu / Andreea Anghel xX1990LoneRangerXx was late for a meeting with his workmate at the office when it hit him again. Only this time it wasn’t the usual panic, body shaking violently, sweaty palms and all that crap, oh no… this […]

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  • Filip Rybkowski at Piana Gallery

    Filip Rybkowski at Piana Gallery

    Artists: Filip RybkowskiTitle: Buffer zones Venue: Piana Gallery „It sometimes occurs to us that everything we experience is the shredded and diminished parts of some former whole that was once simply erroneously completed. „(Robert Musil) How did it happen that the pigeon, an animal inherently aggressive and characterized by an extremely intense sexual drive, became […]

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  • Group show at White & Weiss Gallery, Bratislava

    Group show at White & Weiss Gallery, Bratislava

    Artists: Claude Eigan, Sári Ember, Monika Grabuschnigg, Eliška Konečná Curator and text: Michal Stolárik Title: Anything goes when in love Photosby Adam Šakový Venue: White & Weiss Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia Exhibition Anything goes when in love is the fourth contribution to the Anything goes series –projects that have annually populated the White & Weiss Gallery […]

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Interview with Richard Bakes, one of the owners of Berlinskej Model, Prague and managing director of SUMO. This autumn, Prague contemporary art galleries will be hosting exhibitions in cooperation with partner institutions from abroad. The SUMO international gallery show will open on the first weekend of September with a series of openings and related programs. […]

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