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  • Inside Job at Šopa Gallery

    Inside Job at Šopa Gallery

    Artists: Inside Job / Ula Lucińska & Michał Knychaus Title: Whispers from the Cracked Horizon Venue: Šopa Gallery,  Košice Curator: Michal Stolárik Photos: Tatiana Takáčová Indistinct whispering gradually merges into background noise. Only familiar references, shapes, colours and materials remain, activating memories, ambiguous emotions and flashbacks of nostalgia for situations yet to be experienced. An […]

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  • Klára Hosnedlová at Lyon Biennale 2022

    Klára Hosnedlová at Lyon Biennale 2022

    Artist: Klára Hosnedlová Title: 16th Lyon Biennale manifesto of fragility Curators: Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath Venue: Lyon Biennale, Fagor Factories, Lyon, France Photos: all images copyright and courtesy of the artists and ©Lyon Biennale Klára Hosnedlová’s corporeal, immersive installations address utopian visions and imagine our future, post-nature selves. Interweaving architectural elements with performance, sculpture and also […]

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  • Laura Põld and Andres Tolts at Kogo Gallery

    Laura Põld and Andres Tolts at Kogo Gallery

    Artists: Laura Põld, Andres ToltsCurator: Šelda Puķīte Title: Common Threads, Polar Bear and Elephant Venue: Kogo Gallery, Tartu Photos: Marje Eelma This year’s final exhibition at Kogo Gallery is by Laura Põld and the late Estonian art classic Andres Tolts (1949–2014). Although they represent two different generations and the histories attached to them, both seem […]

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Interview with Vít Havránek, Member of the Jury, STRABAG Artaward International 2021–2023

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