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  • Biennale Matter of Art 2022

    Biennale Matter of Art 2022

    Biennale Matter of Art 2022 opens this week in Prague, exploring vulnerability and traumatic pasts The biennale offers new perspectives on the origins of contemporary crises and the ways in which we construct collective identity. The exhibition has a strong presence of artists from East and Central Europe (Marie Tučková, APART Collective) but also features […]

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  • Group show at Pragovka Gallery

    Group show at Pragovka Gallery

    Leading curator: Lucie Nováčková ALTERNATIVE MODELS OF THE FUTURECurator: Monika Szűcsová, Kryštof Brůha, András Cséfalvay, Michal Mitro, Andrea Uváčiková MYCELIUMCurator: Kamila ŽenatáJana Babincová, Jakub Grosz, Marie Ladrová, Lucie Nováčková, Kateřina Strach Tichá, Magdalena Šlajchová, Pavel Tichoň, Jiří Vyskočil, Pavla Zábranská, Kamila Ženatá DISSONANCECurators: Kristýna Řeháčková a Daniela ŠiandorováMaroš Belák, Filip Hauer a Philipp Kolychev, Klaudie […]

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  • Group show at VUNU Gallery

    Group show at VUNU Gallery

    Artists: Matouš Kašpar, Adrian Altman and Zuzana Svatik Title: Decompose me, decompose you curator: Nikolas Bernath Venue: VUNU Gallery, Košice, Slovakia The name of the exhibition “Decompose me, decompose you“ is an excerpt of the lyrics of the song “BoyLife in EU” by Swedish rapper Yung Lean. The show was planned months ago so in […]

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Interview with Richard Bakes, one of the owners of Berlinskej Model, Prague and managing director of SUMO. This autumn, Prague contemporary art galleries will be hosting exhibitions in cooperation with partner institutions from abroad. The SUMO international gallery show will open on the first weekend of September with a series of openings and related programs. […]

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