Nepheli Barbas, Martin Herold at Berlinskej model
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  • Honza Zamojski at MGLC

    Honza Zamojski at MGLC

    Artist: Honza Zamojski Title: Middleman Curator: Nevenka Šivavec and Yasmín Martín Vodopivec Venue: MGLC, Ljubljana In Honza Zamojski’s latest exhibition, the eponymous Middleman plays various roles. He is a viewer who, upon entering the exhibition space, stands in the middle of the symmetrical architecture. He is also an author who mediates between the world of…

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  • Gideon Horváth at Glassyard Gallery

    Gideon Horváth at Glassyard Gallery

    Artist: Gideon Horváth Title: Myths of Vulnerability Text: Lívia Páldi Venue: Glassyard Gallery, Budapest ‘That’s your speciality, telling people stories they never imagined – and convincing them it’s reasonable to want to see them come true’ – writes feminist activist writer and filmmaker Virginie Despentes in the foreword to An Apartment on Uranus.The book is…

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  • Klára Hosnedlová at Kestner Gesellschaft

    Klára Hosnedlová at Kestner Gesellschaft

    Artist: Klára Hosnedlová Title: To Infinity Curators: Adam Budak and Alexander Wilmschen Venue: Kestner Gesellschaft, Hanover Photo: Zdenek Porcal – Studio Flusser For her first institutional solo exhibition, Klára Hosnedlová metamorphoses the Kestner Gesellschaft’s halls into labyrinthian interiorities, laboriously modeling spatialities of voyeuristic surfaces—oblique mirrors of humanoid selves. Her monumental performative sculptures, suspended like clouds…

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