Aleksandra Liput at Cultural Center “Biały Pradnik Manor House”, Kraków

Artist: Aleksandra Liput

Title: Astral Data Transmission

Curator: Artur Wabik

Venue: Ruins of a sixteenth-century tower, Cultural Center “Biały Pradnik Manor House” Kraków

What would reality look like if we had unfettered access to all the knowledge, wisdom and skills contained in the Universe? If we could freely travel between dimensions? If we had conscious memories from our previous incarnations? Would establishing contact with inhabitants of otherworldly civilisations allow us to salvage Earth’s nature and preserve its species? How would access to such supreme understanding and knowledge influence our understanding of the world, ourselves and our relations with nature and the environment?

The stimulus for asking these questions is a growing sense of feeling lost and insecure which has become a central feature of human existence. Vast technological progress of recent years hasn’t come close to alleviating these feelings. While technology makes everyday life more convenient, it also weakens our natural instincts. The incessant over-stimulation attacking our senses erodes our sense of unity with other people, animals and plants. A natural response to this crisis is a renewed quest for spirituality, which can be sought both externally and within ourselves. As established religions appear archaic, over-institutionalised, or often politicised, new directions for spirituality can come to the fore. 

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