Attila Bagi at ENA Viewing Space

Exhibition Title: Clear like the shape of memories
Artist: Attila Bagi
Curators: Peter Bencze
Venue: ENA Viewing Space, Budapest
Duration: 1 July – 4 August 2023
Photo: Áron Weber

Attila Bagi’s paintings and mural compositions are fragile, ethereal mosaics evoking the infinite transformation of perception into memory and experience. The fragments, eternally distorting and decomposing, suddenly surfacing or sinking, are compressed into snapshots on the axis of the representational and the abstract. The state of daydream transformation manifests in the materiality of the works as well – being in constant shift, they are floating between the mural and the tableaux, the painting and the installation.

Anna Ráhel Molnár

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