Group show at Kunstverein Eisenstadt

Artists: Thean Chie Chan, Iris Dittler, Sophie Dvořák, Mark Fridvalszki, Erich Gruber, Julia Haugeneder, Magdalena Kreinecker, Franza Maier, Evelyn Plaschg, Mathias Pöschl, Christian Schwarzwald, Šimon Sýkora, Marie Vermont, Letizia Werth
Curator: Barbara Horvath
Szenography: Johannes Lakinger
Title: The crowded world of GHOSTS in dialogue with the lost here and now
Venue: Kunstverein Eisenstadt
Photos: Alfredo Barsuglia, Christian Schwarzwald

The ghostly is present today to a bizarre extent. The shadows of the past, the repressed between here and there, presence and absence besiege reality. There is something where there should be nothing. The heaviness of the visible world competes with the lightness of the sweet beyond. How can a relationship between these worlds be established? How to communicate with each other?

Mark Fisher explores in “the allure of the Weird and Eerie” our “fascination with the outside, with what lies beyond ordinary perception, cognition, or experience.” The works of fourteen artists deal with the outside world that disturbs and unsettles our inner world. That is, with an “inauthentic” everyday experience that we encounter in contact with deceased or abnormal beings, driving our vulnerable souls into strange time loops. They depict ghosts populating a counter-world, provide glimpses of a world behind the veil of reality, or attempt to convey the “supernatural horror” of haunted places. The haunting (in the former monastery of the Kunstverein Eisenstadt) is strangely touching.

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