Group show at VUNU Gallery

Artists: Matouš Kašpar, Adrian Altman and Zuzana Svatik

Title: Decompose me, decompose you

curator: Nikolas Bernath

Venue: VUNU Gallery, Košice, Slovakia

The name of the exhibition “Decompose me, decompose you“ is an excerpt of the lyrics of the song “BoyLife in EU” by Swedish rapper Yung Lean. The show was planned months ago so in the meantime I forgot about that source. When I played the song the morning before the opening I froze that the context in which I perceived the meaning of (boy)life in European Union changed very quickly. Months ago I took it as a freedom and generational statement but today it comes to me as a situational privilege I can draw from where I live because just behind our borders people are facing terror of war and living in a cloud of fear of an aggressor trying to steal their and our future. Although nothing is guaranteed anywhere. Another Agent Madness was re—elected behind the other border and there are many of them in the politics of almost every state waiting for the opportunity to abuse power. This show did not really have a particular concept but a memento of eruption of the evil and a reflexion that we can not remain neutral to it is what it became to me.

Nikolas Bernáth

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