Jan Domicz at DOMIE project space

Artist: Jan Domicz

Title: Development

Venue: DOMIE project space, Poznań, Poland

Text: Jagna Domżalska

DOMIE is a cultural institution located in a place that has features of a previous residential function and it is awaiting renovation. The exhibition by Jan Domicz relates directly to the news that DOMIE has not been granted funds for the installation of heating system. Artist intervenes with radicalism and momentum. However, the meaning is based on tenderness and care.

The structure covered with foil is a kind of room built into the room – a temporary studio or gallery. It’s ceiling is lowered. The same tactic used to be used in palaces, where fabrics and tapestry were suspended from the ceiling to minimise the volume that needs heating during the winter months. One of the walls of the new space created by Domicz is lined with a PVC banner taken from a construction site. It hid the not yet finished building. A fragment of the housing developer logotype becomes an abstract ornament surrounding the room. It is extended by a tapestry that corresponds to the colors of the original walls of DOMIE visible behind the foil (or perhaps underlined by it). Woolen tapestry emphasizes the perceptible warmth generated by the radiator hidden from the viewer’s eyes.

Domicz reverses the existing situation of a chilled,unrenovated space by building a clean, regular and, above all, warm room. He places a tailor-made greenhouse in DOMIE. A place where plants (and people) can function continuously, regardless of the season.

In his characteristic laconic way, with simple means of expression, Domicz brings together a series of problems concerning the city’s policy, the situation of small initiatives and the power of grassroots activism and mutual support.

Text by Jagna Domżalska

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