Jozef Mrva jr at Galerie Dole, Ostrava

Artist: Jozef Mrva jr.

Title: Convoluted Hub Network

Venue: Galerie Dole, Ostrava

Curator: Martin Mikolášek

Photo: Roman Polášek and David Vojtuš

In his mixed media realizations, he often combines and interconnects 3D animations, drawings and printed objects, Jozef Mrva Jr. demonstrates his fascination with a space not perceived primarily as a place for the application of artistic expression, but seen and constructed primarily as a mathematical quantity built according to codified principles of pure mathematics, expressed and seen today mainly as a mathematical structure.

In the logic of the above, therefore, his interest in topology and the associated knot theory is not surprising. Although the mathematical knot is inspired by knots on a rope, its ends are connected. So it has no beginning or end. It is not possible to “untie” him, get rid of him, eliminate him by transforming him into something else. What appears numerically to be an evident and obvious expression of space and in space, in its graphic concept, looks like a visual puzzle, like a kind of “twisted” ouroboros biting into its own tail.

In his latest project, Convoluted Hub Network, he turns more to the ground and focuses his attention on the world of logistics and transportation, which he sees as one of the Gordian knots that form the fabric of today’s world. Where, in horizontally spaced, constantly swelling warehouses and transshipment depots absorbing and ejecting tons of material, the rationality of logic has turned into consumer logistics, it seeks to reveal the nodes that the supply, demand, value-added and profit networks are only firmly bound. He reveals this globally spread system as another twisted network which, as it flourishes, gradually passes into a self-producing and self-affirming stage of its existence, in which it eagerly experiences and entangles itself. Where there is no beginning or end, meaning fades. Therefore, the goods can never be delivered on time. 

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