Kryštof Kaplan at Pragovka Gallery – The White Room

Artist: Kryštof Kaplan 

Title: Corporeality

Venue: Pragovka Gallery – The White Room, Prague

Curator: Iva Mladičová

Photo: Marcel Rozhoň

KRYŠTOF KAPLAN’s sculptural signature is characteristic for its generally broad form and plasticity realized by basic physical laws, often combined with mechanic construction. His installations are, in a certain way, often scenically dramatic. We usually observe a simple, large- format shape, which expands from a rectangular frame, or a shape with the element of construction based on basic laws of lever and pulley, playing with the metaphor of the transformation of accumulated tension.

Step by step, Kryštof Kaplan replaced dealing with the forces of mechanical type with working with the forces of chemical process. He thus created a collection of objects where the result of spatial expansion resembles organic, sometimes even physical modelling of his earlier artworks. Organ- like shapes, created by inner expansive force, sometimes serve as a stabilizing construction, and the physical laws convey the meanings projected by the viewer himself.

The exhibition for THE WHITE ROOM GALLERY recaps the transformations of this expressive form; however, it mainly presents the newest objects-sculptures that deal with the figural shapes in maximum intensity, again. The exhibition also includes a moment of scenic expression – through objects pointing to parasitic elements of urban environment that is fed by human attention.

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