Lucia Gašparovičová at HotDock Project Space

Artist: Lucia Gašparovičová

Title: Something she has to do

Venue: HotDock Project Space, Bratislava

Curator: Ján Skaličan

introspection> observation> empathy

In the current project Something she has to, the author deals in more detail with the issue of self-observation, the study of her own self, from which she further gets to the observation of the surrounding environment. She systematically, but at the same time disorganizedly searches for and captures suitable moments, from which it builds its own library of stimuli for possible further visual processing. The effort to capture the liquid trace by gilding, the author’s book or observing the place of the collision of the surface and the horizon could be called a kind of Icelandic trace not only in the work, but also in the life of the author. In the topic of tides, which is in the process of unfinished layering, the work with the material becomes important, the very process of the work of binding individual sheets into one (un)completed unit. It is the process, processuality or (un)intentional non-termination of the work at a given moment that are important features of the author’s program. The layering of the same motive, the constant return to the unfinished process, repeated questioning and uncertainty in mutual confrontation form (for this moment) a tangible whole. There is something deeper behind the visually impressive abstract image. As a result, as spectators we get to the difficult task of moving into the world of the other, into its interior, way of thinking and attitudes. An important part, then, is the need for empathy from the viewer, a kind of sensitization, without which perception is doomed to visual superficiality.

This project has been supported using public funds provided by Slovak Arts Council. 

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