Mari Männa at Draakon gallery, Tallinn

Artist: Mari Männa
Title: Let’s live in friendship!
Venue: Draakon gallery, Tallinn
Photos: Mari Männa, Anna Mari Liivrand

“Let’s live in friendship!” refers to a text that was found on a blackboard of a schoolhouse in Novyi Bykivin Chernihiv Oblast in Ukraine after the pillage by Russian soldiers. The exhibition is presented across the street from the Russian embassy in Tallinn and alludes critically to a self-contradictory Russian propaganda campaign. Mari Männa has combined playful artwork and documentary found material in her unique world. The landscape she has created refers to a location flushed by conflicting en-ergy.The formed installation can appear as a frozen moment in this chaos.Männa started to work with her new sculptures before the Russian invasion of emotions, pos-tures and objects of the changing society.Mari Männa (b. 1991) is a sculpture and installation artist. She obtained MA degree incontemporary art at the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2020. During her studies, Männatook additional courses in Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and Aalto University inHelsinki. Männa’s artistic method is intuitive and process based, she experiments withlightweight and available materials. As for the subject matter, the artist prefers to reflecton today’s social issues through the prism of humour.

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