Artist: Michal Mitro

Title: SAD Light Therapy

Venue: Tabacka Gallery, Kosice

Do you suffer from fall and winter depression or even notice signs of depression during prolonged periods of cloudy or rainy weather during other seasons? Chances are you are experiencing symptoms of SAD Seasonal Affective Dissoreder. Could a small tabletop box be the solution to your problem? Could a larger device be yet a better solution? Can sonic vibrations easy your blues?Light therapy is meant to compensate for the lack of exposure to sunlight that is thought to be linked to major depressive disorder with seasonal patterns.During this light therapy sessions you will be exposed to therapy lamp for 19 minutes. For your convenience, you’ll be presented with 20000 lux lamp – double the standard – for faster therapy results and shorter sittings.In Accelerated SAD therapy, power of photons is combined with that of sonic vibration. Scientifically calculated frequencies are presented in particularly designed sequence to positively affect functioning of our organism. This sonic treatment, also known as BioResonance Therapy, uses concepts of energy medicine and quantum physics to help the body’s self regulatory system. It describes the interaction between the bio-field of a living organism and frequency patterns that interact with specific parts of it. It assists the body by boosting the healing signals that pass between the immune system and all cells in the body, while suppressing the signals given off by allergens and other stressors.

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