SUMO | The Odd Year II

SUMO | The Odd Year II

International gallery co-op

Prague, September 3 – October 15, 2021

SUMO Prague 2021. lítost gallery x Everybody Needs Art. Photo: KERESZTESI BOTOND

This autumn, Prague contemporary art galleries will be hosting exhibitions in cooperation with partner institutions from abroad. The SUMO international gallery show will open the first weekend in September with a series of openings and a full accompanying program. The exhibitions and side events will then continue according to the programs of the individual galleries, which will be hosting their foreign partners until mid-October.

This year’s edition of SUMO, with the subtitle The Odd Year II, continues with a program composed of collaborations between Czech and foreign institutions. Each year the galleries invite new guests to their spaces. The subtitle The Odd Year II is a response to recent environmental and social events and the impact of the global pandemic, which has also significantly affected the world’s contemporary art scene. For the second time, the show seeks to present a unique program during which audiences can view exhibitions by progressive galleries from around the world. In Prague, the show will take place in eight galleries and will last more than a month, featuring exhibitions from institutions such as Like A Little Disaster from the seaside resort town of Polignano a Mare, Italy; the renowned Estonian gallery Temnikova & Kasela; PINCE from Budapest; and the Polish gallery BWA Warsaw. Thanks to this diversity, which prevents artistic stagnation – particularly during the two uncertain years of the Covid 19 pandemic – visitors to SUMO each year can encounter completely different approaches and perspectives on art from various corners of the world.

The program of the cooperative exhibition SUMO Prague 2021 will feature eight vernissages, present the works of more than 20 local and foreign artists and art collectives, and invite you to events both inside and outside of galleries. This is the second time the Alliance of Czech Contemporary Art Galleries has initiated an art show focused on cooperation with foreign partners under the name SUMO Prague.

SUMO Prague 2021 Lucie Drdova Gallery in Villa P651. Foto Arianne Foks © RUNRUN photo: Arnaud-Bertereau

The 2021 edition will take place in galleries and institutions throughout the city of Prague:

AM 180  | Gern en Regalia (US)

Berlinskej Model | Like A Little Disaster (IT)

City Surfer Office | Pince (HU)

hunt kastner | Temnikova & Kasela (EE)

Lucie Drdova Gallery | group show at Villa P651 

lítost | Everybody Needs Art (HU)

Polansky | MARTINETZ (DE)

ZAHORIAN & VAN ESPEN | Galleria Gilda Lavia (IT)

hunt kastner. Kris Lemsalu and Kyp Malone, KW Berlin, 2020

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