Surface Depression and the Emergence of New Habitats




On view until: 01.06.2019.

Photos: APART collective, Dávid Bíró

“APART collective made a visit to the region of upper Nitra to film a short movie concerning coal mining and its impact on the living environment. It is our contribution, on how we try to approach ever so more growing threat of the climate change, which became a crucial topic for us to examine by artistic and activistic means. The film elaborates on the topic of technological progress and its impact on global warming and on the contrary, the question of geopoetical writing with the planet, not about the planet. What Chernobyl means for nuclear energy, climate changes means for technologies driven by fossil fuels. The way we approach our future can therefore leave nothing to chance – we must plan, think, recalculate and contextualize our existence within the planetary ecosystem. That is why we need radical political and technological imagination which pulls down the ideas of what the limits and possibilities of individual human bodies are.”

text by APART collective




APART is a Slovak artist cooperative. Today, its members include Denis Kozerawski (* 1990), Peter Sit (* 1991), and Andrej Žabkay (* 1987). APART was formed at the turn of 2011 and 2012.

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