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  • Ádám Ulbert at Longtermhandstand

    Ádám Ulbert at Longtermhandstand

    Artist: Ádám Ulbert Title: The unnamed signaled: „There are things out there in the field of the recognizable” Venue: Longtermhandstand, Budapest Curator: Péter Bencze Photos: Áron Wéber The unnamed first appeared in the year 2025. Their first descent or apparitionhappened not much after the solar storms started to reach the planet. By that timescience has…

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  • Group show at Easttopics

    Group show at Easttopics

    Artists: LEGION- Borsos Lőrinc feat. Lakatos Gelléri Barnabás, Laura Pöld, Ádám Ulbert Title: Global crises, local relationships Curator: Fruzsina Kigyós Photos: Dávid Bíró, Áron Wéber As the role and place of art has been continuously redefined in recent times, the exhibition series entitled Global Crises, Local Relationships aims to bring regional artists of the youngest…

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