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  • Group show at A Promise of Kneropy

    Group show at A Promise of Kneropy

    Artist: Boris Ondreička, Ján Ballx, Jozef Mrva ml., APART Title: Abysses Venue: A Promise of Kneropy, Bratislava “He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” – Nietzsche (Beyond Good and Evil: Prelude to a Philosophy…

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  • Petra Feriancová AT ZAHORIAN & VAN ESPEN Bratislava

    Petra Feriancová AT ZAHORIAN & VAN ESPEN Bratislava

    Artist: Petra FeriancováTitle: Domain: WaterVenue: ZAHORIAN & VAN ESPEN Bratislava Domain: WaterTell me about those Antigone’s eyes. Grieving, yet set to seeher intention through.For a year, the isolation grew.Only those pages kept heron track.Almost as Francesca da Rimini,but with a lot of Cassandra’s style sentiment. Old those men of the olden days.Byron, Shelley, Stendhal,or Winckelmann.And…

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  • Peter Kašpar at A Promise of Kneropy

    Peter Kašpar at A Promise of Kneropy

    Artist: Peter Kašpar Title: Liquid Being Venue: A Promise of Kneropy, Bratislava Curator: Ema Hesterová & Denis Kozerawski (APART Collective) The complexity of the development pace of technological progress and artificial intelligence forces us to often resort to simplification, categorization and to understand the current situation through binary optics. We have the impression that humans and technologies…

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  • Otras


    Artists: Ján Gašparovič & Matej Gavula Venue: Hotdock Project Space Curator: Andrej Kabal Photo: Leontína Berková There are things among us which are there even though we cannot see them. I am not referring to a children’s game of pretending to be invisible once you close your eyes, or plainclothes policemen at parties in our…

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