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  • Group show at eastcontemporary

    Group show at eastcontemporary

    Artists: Ania Bąk, Jakub Czyszczoń, Piotr Bury Łakomy, Inside Job (Ula Lucińska and Michał Knychaus), Daniel Koniusz, Mateusz Sadowski  Title: Minimo uno. Massimo due Venue:  eastcontemporary, Milan Photos: Tiziano Ercoli 1. Fragment (definition): a small separate entity that has been broken off from a larger unity. 2. The existence of a fragment implies the loss…

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  • Pakui Hardware At eastcontemporary

    Pakui Hardware At eastcontemporary

    Artist: Pakui Hardware Title: THE HOST Venue: eastcontemporary, Milan Curator: eastcontemporary Photo: courtesy of the artist, carlier The night before I was supposed to meet Pakui Hardware I had a strange dream. Perhaps it would be better to call it an extrasensory experience. I was staying in a modern hotel in the city centre of Vilnius.…

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  • eastcontemporary by Agnieszka Fąferek and Julia Korzycka

    eastcontemporary by Agnieszka Fąferek and Julia Korzycka

    Easttopics: How did it all start? When did you decide to open a space dedicated to Eastern European contemporary art in Milan and what was the initial spark of this story? Agnieszka Fąferek: It’s been a long story. We’re both Polish based in Milan, where we’ve been working within the arts sector since many years. Here,…

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