• Sári Ember at Pablo’s Birthday 

    Sári Ember at Pablo’s Birthday 

    Artist: Sári EmberTitle: All is disappearingVenue: Pablo’s Birthday , New YorkPhotos: Sage M. Elder and Claire Zenith Text: Linnea West In my previous projects I tried to capture my relation to death and grief through individual and collective narratives, and the longing for leaving a reminder of us behind in personal and in historical scale. In…

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  • Sári Ember at Šopa Gallery

    Sári Ember at Šopa Gallery

    Artist: Sári Ember Title: They’re all poses, adequate to different ends* Curator: Borbála Soós Venue: Šopa Gallery The content of this class shall be bodies, animate and inanimate…– Yvonne Rainer, Lecture on Moving from Three Distributions Our own bodies, which are primarily composed of water, elucidate the problemof thinking about bodies in binaristic terms as…

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