• Ádám Ulbert at Longtermhandstand

    Ádám Ulbert at Longtermhandstand

    Artist: Ádám Ulbert Title: The unnamed signaled: „There are things out there in the field of the recognizable” Venue: Longtermhandstand, Budapest Curator: Péter Bencze Photos: Áron Wéber The unnamed first appeared in the year 2025. Their first descent or apparitionhappened not much after the solar storms started to reach the planet. By that timescience has…

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  • Áron Lőrincz at Longtermhandstand

    Áron Lőrincz at Longtermhandstand

    Artist: Áron LőrinczExhibition title: SuccubusVenue: Longtermhandstand, BudapestCurator: Peter BenczeText by Bettina BencePhotography:  All images copyright and courtesy of the artists and Longtermhandstand, Budapest Áron Lőrincz finds the themes of his paintings mainly in the world of beliefs, legends and supernatural phenomena and examines their social and scientific explanations in the context of the age. The truth is legitimized…

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