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  • 3 inch giant in your bathroom

    3 inch giant in your bathroom

    Artist: Piotr Łakomy Curated by: Michal Novotny Venue: Futura, Prague, The Czech RepublicPhotography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artist and Futura At the turn of the 20th century crystal was a great topic in art. Supposedly, it was due to its quality to symbolise the unity of the natural, organic and the ideal, geometric. In the same…

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  • Nanospasm Lab

    Nanospasm Lab

    Adam VačkářGalerie Nod Curator: Pavel KubesaText by: Domenico de Chirico The artistic research of Adam Vačkář is going at a pace that, in some respects, is a clear reference to the field of science. However, Vačkář’s intuitive approach aims at turning this pace upside down, making it circular and giving the elements that make it…

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  • It’s Oh So Quiet | Antonie Stanová at Kvalitar Gallery, Prague

    It’s Oh So Quiet | Antonie Stanová at Kvalitar Gallery, Prague

    Curated by Nikola Nováková Kvalitar Gallery On view until 9th August, 2019 As you dreamt, you found yourself in a house with long translucent curtains, white walls and a ceiling that stretched very high. And everything that happened within those white walls was cyclical — it restarted after a certain amount of time. You fell…

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