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  • Public & private (in various degrees of subjectivity)

    Public & private (in various degrees of subjectivity)

    By Nicoleta Papp Aurora Király’s show at Calina Gallery describes a society that is in a continuous conflict, in which themes like “history, hope, trauma, memory, human relationships, the thoughts of a child, garden, the last snow” are strongly related to the language. The art show “Reality Check” takes from the immediate reality three situations that…

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  • Modernism 4.0. Forever (in)visible

    By Georgiana Cojocaru Via Revista-ARTA Background (from left to right): Esra Oezen, Nachts versteck‘ ich mich im Moskitonetz [At night I hide in the mosquito net], photographs; Michele Bressan, photo archive, object, video (che cosa sono le nuvole, super 8, 1’33’’, 2010). Photo credits MNAC (photo by Larisa Sitar) The second chapter of the exhibition…

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