1999 – The Oracle Told Me I’d Fall in Love with the One

Artists: Milica Mijajlović (RS/CZ), Rafal Zajko (PL), Tamara Spalajković (RS) and Luka Cvetković (RS)  

Curator: Natalija Paunić (RS)

Fotopub Festival 2019 | Novo Mesto, Slovenia

The exhibition takes a look at 1999 to map a place where reality and fiction intertwine. It takes two specific events into account: the global premiere of The Matrix and the NATO bombing of Belgrade, Serbia, that was part of what was later known as the Kosovo War. As the two happenings were only a few days apart, they serve as two vantage points from which to observe the world; a story that unfolds on film and extrapolates the popular notions of good and bad, and an ambivalent construct occurring in the real world, where morality and truth are compromised by geopolitical interests, fear and personal safety. The title of the show paraphrases a catchphrase from the film, simultaneously romanticizing the idea of knowing the right answer to complex questions (believing in The One, the solution, the ultimate truth).

Natalija Paunić (1990, Serbia) is a curator. Through her artistic practice, she engages the most intimate tools of perception: immediate experience, contemporary culture and personal memory. She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade and holds a diploma in curating from Goldsmiths, University of London. She has collaborated with or worked for institutions and organisations such as Documenta 14, Enclave Projects, ICA London and Bloomberg New Contemporaries, the Public School for Architecture Brussels, EASA Denmark, the Membrane Network, etc. She currently works at Eugster || Belgrade.

more: https://www.natalijapaunic.com/

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