Ádám Ulbert at Longtermhandstand

Artist: Ádám Ulbert

Title: The unnamed signaled: „There are things out there in the field of the recognizable”

Venue: Longtermhandstand, Budapest

Curator: Péter Bencze

Photos: Áron Wéber

The unnamed first appeared in the year 2025. Their first descent or apparition
happened not much after the solar storms started to reach the planet. By that timescience has known that solar storms are occurring in 11 years cycles and they could cause and manifold heart related deaths in the human population. Science could foresee the storms and although it couldn’t prognose the unnamed, their arrival wasn’t completely surprising.

And still amidst the shocking events of the 20’s the appearance of the them definitely contributed to the anticipation of some great collective trauma. Which by that time seemed inevitable. In 2025 no one was expecting that the surges of the Sun will be that intense and no one was preparing for the amount of deaths that happened during the solar events. Humankind had to reassess the conjunction between the Sun and the heart.

Maybe this was part of the process how science gradually moved back to it’s alchemical tradition. In this period it has started to seem that humanity essentially had to rearrange all aspects of it’s bonding to all other beings on the globe. Some people called it ecology and some called it an extended field of ecology which might contain the realm of the seemingly inorganic creatures as well. But most definitely no one was predicting that those storms might broke some sort of a cosmic plasmatic field in which through the unnamed could seeped through and started to emanate their signals. The dimension in which they have appeared is not easy to define.

The closest how one can imagine is like the opening scene in the Who Framed Roger Rabbit when one of the animated characters steps into the real world and starts to interact with humans. By all means in 2025 by the particular non verbal linguistic codes of biomorphia the unnamed started to send their messages. The hundreds of thousands (according to some calculations maybe even millions) of deaths caused by the solar storms, the continuous malfunctions of the communication technologies of humans and the growing instabilities of other ecological systems, forced humankind to channel into the signals of the unnamed. In one of the first ‘message’ the unnamed signaled: “there are things out there in the field of the recognizable.”
Not everyone took these signals, or as we today see it more clearly: suggestions, lightly.

Nowadays we can only guess why was it so hard for mankind to apprehend the
existence of the unnamed. Was it the Sun that caused the problems to see? Or the meeting with the until then unknown entity was simply too astonishing?…

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