Curator’s Table w Lenka Bakes

What comes to your mind in connection with contemporary art when you hear the word “budget”?

The word “budget” contains all of this; there has always been and always will be a shortage of financial budgets. I don’t question that it’s just how it is.

But what bothers me in the current context is the lack of time budget, social budget and other soft resources which helped us to compensate for the holes in the financial one.

I’m talking about the fact that if I’m taking something from our shared “art world budget”, I should be putting something back into it. We must have a balanced income and expenses even in a non-commercial gallery, and that’s why we only want to work with kind people.

About Lenka

She is an artist, curator, and director of the Prague Art Week festival. Together with her husband Richard Bakes, they run Berlinskej Model gallery, and creative studio Sharp Objects, where they mainly promote arts. She works at the DUNA open collective on her own artist practice.

Since the year began they have organized 3 exhibitions in their gallery space. She continues to work on this year’s festival program, supervising work for several clients in their creative studio, and preparing her own artwork for an exhibition in Hong Kong in March 2023

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