Group Show at C U AT SADKA


Venue: C U AT Sadka, Krakow

artists: Jakub Gliński, Kornel Leśniak, Marcjanna, Ola Nenko, Monika Przygodzka, Mateusz Sarzyński, Stach Szumski

curator: Michalina Sablik 

performance curator: Kornel Leśniak

I know that you have a fragile heart. I promise to touch it carefully. I promise that my hands will be warm, he whispered tenderly but confidently. Then he added: Please, don’t be afraid of loneliness. Let the world hold you strongly and affectionately. You can sleep in peace and I’ll read you, like the most beautiful poem*. They laid close to each other, tired and sweaty. The nights were getting shorter and hotter. They both suffer from the same sickness. Chronic fear of the end of summer. It was the disease that dictated the pulse of days and nights. Their eyes and touch glazed over their bodies. Somewhere next to them they slept in peace – my demons, your demons. 

A bed is a good place to show tattoos. When awkward silence falls, they set the course of conversation. They’re a record of stories, memories, fleeting moments. They stand clearly like tiny blemishes, scars, souvenirs on skin’s canvas. Wobbly lines, tribal motifs, quotes forms songs, personal symbols. Paintings in front of one’s eyes, hanging like on a wall**. Marks drawn on their bodies in the dark fused together with patterns on the bed sheets ets, with the rhythm of yellowed wallpaper. They spilled in space, engraved furniture and the floor, filling the cozy room of a house in the suburbs. They pulsed, branched out, budded. They pierced the fabrics like fine embroidery, poked metal surfaces like a needle. Unbridled forces of a line. Captured forever, a drawing from a sketchbook. And when the sun touched one of their faces, he said: Wake up. Today is the day. We are about to go to this place where time flies.***

* quotes from tattoo flash by Kornela Leśniaka

** quote from “Fleeting moments” by Paktofonika

*** quote from the movie “Timeflies” by Marcjanna

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