Group Show at Śmierć Człowieka

Artists: Inside Job (Ula Lucińska, Michał Knychaus), Barbara Żłobińska, Mariusz Maślanka, Kamil #2

Title: Cold Drift

Curator: Kamil #2

Can you hear that laughter coming out of nowhere?
Like a suddenly awakened memory, an echo of the past.
No! You probably haven’t heard it before.
It’s a new laughter, fresh – a cold drift.
They laugh unimpressed.

The exhibition A Cold Drift refers to the concept of The Speculative Time Complex presented by the Austrian philosopher Armen Avanessian and the British writer Suhail Malik. The exhibition’s concept functions in contrast to humanity’s post-dominant categories of thought in post-contemporary times. Through Positivism, historical analysis is considered an indispensable tool for avoiding atrocities previously committed, as well as presumptive future mistakes. The cause- and-effect way of thinking, however, is not solely linear in nature and isn’t merely the result of past events. Causality does not manifest itself solely in the present either, but also in what exists outside of it. Therefore, the human tendency to under- take irrational actions generates effects which come forth only in the future — or as the artists suggest – beyond the comprehensible perception of time as well. The unique sensitivity to this complexity is presented in the work of many artists, sci-fi authors, libertine-futurists and inventors, and A Cold Drift presents the work of these artists who resonate, create and function in the unconscious time-complex. Their works are opposite or indirect forms of archetypes..

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