Iza Tarasewicz at Loggia

Artist: Iza Tarasewicz


Venue: Loggia, Munich, Germany

Date: January 30 – March 15, 2020

Photo: all images copyright and courtesy of the artist and Loggia, Munich

a logic of resemblance and of difference, of contradiction and identity, even of continuity and discontinuity, in short a naive logic of two choices, such as true/false, even if we set the two theses together so that they resonate through synthesis, ambiguity, paradox or the inexpressible, why should such a logic be able to account for anything at all, when we have known for a long time that it cannot account for the simplest things, the weakest knowledge? Every state of things is already too complex for it. And every elementary system. A fortiori, every even slightly complicated system. A fortiori, the most complex real and conceivable one, like history. A fortiori, if we try to understand how a system is formed.

– quote from Michel Serres ‘The Birth of Physics’

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