Kā skan, tā atskan at No Moon, New York

Artists : Kaspars Groševs, Philip Hinge, Emma Pryde, Joe Speier, Līga Spunde, Hanna Umin, Amanda Ziemele.

Exhibition title : Kā skan, tā atskan

Venue : No Moon, New York

Date : November 26th – December 21st 2019

Photography : Philip Hinge

No Moon is pleased to present Kā skan, Tā atskan*, an exhibition curated by Marta Trektere which brings together paintings and sculptures by a group of young artists based in Latvia and the United States. 

*The title is in Latvian and translates roughly to It echoes how It sounds.

A Resolution Made In Bryant Park

Maple syrup on my potato pancakes

Don’t you know who I am?

I have never been to Europe

I hear an underlying velvet drone as if John Cale was still playing with La Monte Young

But a line must be drawn somewhere

The swing of a suspended lens

Ideally distant

It’s transparent to a basis

Which has a disappearance of it’s own

Three fine nudes in an evening sky

Each with a different colored ribbon

You’re measuring inches

Paneer ambient. Rice drone.

Reverb through my ears

Reversed drum beats and a small knocking on a teapot of sorts

The crippling sound of Genesis

I might stop now or could go on forever.

-Marta Trektere

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