Marie Lukáčová & Valentýna Janů at Galerie NoD

Artists: Marie Lukáčová & Valentýna Janů
Curator: Pavel Kubesa
Venue: Galerie NoD
Photo: Michal Ureš

Video Credits:

Directed by: Marie Lukáčová & Valentýna Janů
Music by: Filip Kraus
Lyrics: Marie Lukáčová & Valentýna Janů, Filip Kraus
DOP: Kryštof Hlůže
2nd camera: Anežka Horová
Choreography: Monina Nevrlá
Dancers: Monina Nevrlá, Janny Smejkal, Valentýna Janů
Colour Grading: Branko Avramovski
Editors: Marie Lukáčová & Valentýna Janů
Assistants: Štěpán Marko, František Kast, Vladimír Hamouz
Costumes: Jarda Praha

The focal point of the exhibition is a two-channel video installation composed of an original short art film and 3D animation. The first channel – a live-action music video created to original music composition – develops the genre of the music video, through which the artists play out emancipatory rhetorics consisting of a rapped textual declaration, visual composition, and group vogue choreography (so-called “voguing”). Thus, through the visual language of the art video, the language of dance, and the music track, artists move on the edge of unrestrained female empowerment. The music film is directly inspired by the aesthetics and themes of MTV music videos from the turn of the millennium, to which both artists spontaneously return and together attempt to redefine their content from a feminist perspective. The second channel of the video installation – 3D animation – connects the content framework of the music video with the authorial aesthetics and adds an imaginative and environmental dimension to the installation.

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