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For its very first issue, Puja Journal seeks written and visual contributions that contemplate the theme of feeding.

About the Journal

Puja Journal works with, through, and for independent thought and emotion in and between Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean. The journal seeks to form bonds and networks alternative to the idea of centre-periphery dichotomy. Puja seeks to understand and connect contemporary and past customs, preconceptions and superstitions, everyday life, and utopias by focusing on underrepresented, authentic voices.

Puja is driven by themes that define contemporary existence in their utmost banality. Wishing to find ease in peeling off the layers of everyday concepts, Puja Journal invites writers and artists to question the obvious, nuance the definitive, and share the secret. It is a shared code of other knowledge from the edges.

Puja is edited by Ráhel Anna Molnár.

Puja Journal seeks to understand and connect contemporary and past customs, preconceptions and superstitions, everyday life, and utopias of our troubled regions. For our first issue, we do so by inviting authors to contemplate the theme of feeding.

Call for Submissions

Being both a fundamental necessity and an irrefutable source of pleasure, food and feeding has been at the forefront of political, economic, and social tension since the beginning of time. A cup of coffee or plucked fruit is likewise an encyclopedic mass of cultural codes: nurture and bloodshed, traditions, religions, etiquette, customs and secrets, hunger and plenty, desire and need. As antagonistic as can be, feeding (and being fed) is also the fertile ground where performativity begins and where one first draws the borders of a home.

Possible subtopics include:

1. Hunting, hunger, and interdependence. Animalistic and ancestral practices of eating, human and non-human conditions that define the act of feeding and being fed.
2. The past, present, and future of a dysfunctional global supply chain, the crisis of food. Who is in charge of feeding us? Greed, overproduction, and alternative imaginary.

3. Performative practices in various communities and solitudes. Religious and pagan rituals, the etiquettes, and the social theatre of feeding.
4. The wonders of taste. Culinary intimacies vs systemic seduction. Gourmand diaries, wordless delights, and the act of cooking.

The call is open for written and visual contributions as well. For detailed guidelines, please visit

Submit your proposals via by 30th April. If you have any questions regarding the all, do not hesitate to hit us up through email or IG (@puja_journal)

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