Rena Raedle & Vladan Jeremic at MoCAV, Novi Sad

Artists: Rena Raedle & Vladan Jeremic 

Curator: Maja Ciric

Title: Transformatorium

Venue: The Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, Novi Sad

Photo: Marko Ercegović

The exhibition is articulated in three units and presents artistic interventions and research conducted by the artists within the last seven years to the public. The first room contains documentary materials from their interventions in Norway, Croatia, Albania, Serbia, North Macedonia, Austria and Estonia, while the second room hosts a collection of the transformative tools, props and objects that served the artists in their exploration of the ‘use value’ of art. The installation of drawings and specially designed benches in the public park between the Museum of Vojvodina and MSUV adds a third aspect of their work to this show.

In times of multiple crisis, with the conditions of everyday reality fundamentally changing, Rena Raedle and Vladan Jeremic expose the contradictions of their own practice to the public and propose a radical model for (self)evaluation: Do their artistic practice succeed in moving beyond the aesthetic, having a lasting effect on non-artistic surroundings? By means of this line of questioning, the public is invited to assess the potential of each work. With their dose of satirical humor, Rena and Vladan do not refrain from the assumption that our world can be changed.

Rena Raedle & Vladan Jeremic are Belgrade-based artists whose research-oriented work comprises installations and artistic interventions in public space. In their collaborative practice, Rena & Vladan explore the relation between art and politics, unveiling the contradictions of today’s societies. They use techniques that are easy to reproduce and distribute such as drawing and prints, and simple materials such as textile, cardboard and wood, and they insist on their artistic production’s use value and social & ecological awareness. They develop the transformative potentials of art in the context of social struggles and in collaboration with social movements. They have recently exhibited at Brooklyn Museum, New York; Creative Time Summit, Miami; Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, Ljubljana; Moscow Museum of Modern Art; Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje; Galleria del Progetto, Milano; Intercultural museum, Oslo; 56th October Salon, Belgrade; EKKM, Tallinn; Autostrada Biennale, Prizren; Politics of Dissonance in the framework of Manifesta 12, Palermo; < rotor >, Graz; Borey Art Center, St. Petersburg and the Museum of Yugoslavia, Belgrade.

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