Svetlana Fialová at sopa gallery, kosice

Artist: Svetlana Fialová


Venue: Sopa Gallery, Kosice

Curator: Petra Housková

Photo: Tatiana Takáčová

Svetlana Fialová has for a long term and continuously developed her work in the medium of drawing while trying to push the usual boundaries and speculations about its exhaustibility. At the exhibition entitled Blooming Cherry, Indefinite Clouds, the author presents the latest works with the features of a graphic experiment, inspired by a residency in Tokyo and the Japanese woodcut technique ‘ukiyo-e‘. She develops sudden and random revelations of eternal questions about the last meaning of life in typical, complicated compositions. The set of multi-layered woodcuts is complemented by smaller formats given by a simple but distinctive relief drawing.

Svetlana Fialová (*1985) was born and lives in Košice. She graduated from the Prague Academy of Fine Arts in the Studio of Painting II under the guidance of doc. Vladimír Skrepl and doctoral studies with the supervisor prof. Daniel Fischer at the VŠVU in Bratislava. She completed a one-year internship at the Red Gallery in London as part of the ERASMUS + scholarship program during her PhD. studies.

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