• Attila Bagi at ENA Viewing Space

    Attila Bagi at ENA Viewing Space

    Exhibition Title: Clear like the shape of memoriesArtist: Attila BagiCurators: Peter BenczeVenue: ENA Viewing Space, BudapestDuration: 1 July – 4 August 2023Photo: Áron Weber Attila Bagi’s paintings and mural compositions are fragile, ethereal mosaics evoking the infinite transformation of perception into memory and experience. The fragments, eternally distorting and decomposing, suddenly surfacing or sinking, are…

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  • Gábor Pap at Artkartell Projectspace

    Gábor Pap at Artkartell Projectspace

    Artist: Gábor Pap Title: Notebook of escape ideas Curator: Gábor Rieder Venue: Artkartell Projectspace, Budapest Photos: István András Juhász Artkartell projectspace is happy to present the season opening solo exhibition of Gábor Pap: Notebook of escape ideas. As a member of the youngest generation of Hungarian artists, in his collection of extraordinary sincerity Pap mixes…

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  • Gideon Horváth at Glassyard Gallery

    Gideon Horváth at Glassyard Gallery

    Artist: Gideon Horváth Title: Myths of Vulnerability Text: Lívia Páldi Venue: Glassyard Gallery, Budapest ‘That’s your speciality, telling people stories they never imagined – and convincing them it’s reasonable to want to see them come true’ – writes feminist activist writer and filmmaker Virginie Despentes in the foreword to An Apartment on Uranus.The book is…

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