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  • Group show at Galeria e Bregdetit

    Group show at Galeria e Bregdetit

    Exhibiting Collective: Kiara Asllani, Elisa Crostella, Michela Curti, Chiara De Maria, Adi Demi, Eni Derhemi, Giulia Dongillli, Ina Lisi, Lara Tonon Guest Artists: Elischa Kaminer, Sivan Rubinstein Title: Performative Exhibition #3 – Collective Contours Venue: Galeria e Bregdetit, Radhimë, Albania Organizers: Galeria e Bregdetit, Tirana Art Lab, ECUMENE Project Photos: Giulia Dajçi Performative Exhibition #3 […]

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  • OPEN CALL Pályázati felhívás fiatal magyar származású női alkotók számára   A Katarzyna Kozyra Alapítvány (Lengyelország) és közreműködő partnerei örömmel hívják fel a figyelmet egy nyílt pályázati lehetőségre a pályafutásuk kezdetén lévő, fiatal női alkotók számára. A felhívás a Secondary Archive – közép-kelet-európai nőművészek online archívumában való részvételre vonatkozik. A platform nemzetközi információforrásként szolgál a régió […]

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  • Secondary Archive goes to Manifesta 14

    Secondary Archive goes to Manifesta 14

    Over 160 female artists from Albania, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Kosovo, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine are participating in the Secondary Archive project at 14th Manifesta Biennial. Secondaryarchive.org is a unique online archive that presents statements of three generations of female artists from Central and Eastern Europe. Manifesta 14, which this year takes place […]

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  • Group show at VUNU Gallery

    Group show at VUNU Gallery

    Artists: Matouš Kašpar, Adrian Altman and Zuzana Svatik Title: Decompose me, decompose you curator: Nikolas Bernath Venue: VUNU Gallery, Košice, Slovakia The name of the exhibition “Decompose me, decompose you“ is an excerpt of the lyrics of the song “BoyLife in EU” by Swedish rapper Yung Lean. The show was planned months ago so in […]

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  • Marie Lukáčová & Valentýna Janů at Galerie NoD

    Marie Lukáčová & Valentýna Janů at Galerie NoD

    Title:MARIE & VALENTÝNAArtists: Marie Lukáčová & Valentýna JanůCurator: Pavel KubesaVenue: Galerie NoDPhoto: Michal Ureš Video Credits: Directed by: Marie Lukáčová & Valentýna JanůMusic by: Filip KrausLyrics: Marie Lukáčová & Valentýna Janů, Filip KrausDOP: Kryštof Hlůže2nd camera: Anežka HorováChoreography: Monina NevrláDancers: Monina Nevrlá, Janny Smejkal, Valentýna JanůColour Grading: Branko AvramovskiEditors: Marie Lukáčová & Valentýna JanůAssistants: Štěpán […]

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  • Jasmina cibic at Museum der Moderne Salzburg

    Jasmina cibic at Museum der Moderne Salzburg

    Artist: Jasmina Cibic Exhibition title: Most Favoured Nation Curator: Marijana Schneider Photo: Rainer Iglar Venue: Museum der Moderne Salzburg In her multimedia works, artist and filmmaker Jasmina Cibic (Ljubljana, SI,1979) explores the intertwinements of state power, culture, and gender constructs. Cibic looks at historical events from a feminist perspective and examines the visual strategies which […]

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  • Kadri Liis Rääk at Hoib Gallery

    Kadri Liis Rääk at Hoib Gallery

    Artist: Kadri Liis RääkExhibition title: XarkaadiaVenue: Hoib galerii, TallinnCurator: Marika Agu Kadri Liis Rääk (1990) is an artist combining the methods of scenography and new media, creating total and tactile environments. At the heart of her practice sits the idea of empowering the senses through the use of various materials. Kadri Liis treats her pieces […]

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  • Group show at Eugster || Belgrade

    Group show at Eugster || Belgrade

    Artists: Flaka Haliti, Saša Tkačenko, Bojan ŠarčevićTitle: PredatoryVenue: Eugster|| BelgradeCurator: Natalija Paunić,with additional text by Mira Gaćina With its title, the show at Eugster || Belgrade points to a key question of our time, zooming in on the role of the Predator, the supposed peak of the food chain. Can we simply identify our current relationship […]

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  • Group show at Easttopics

    Group show at Easttopics

    Artists: LEGION- Borsos Lőrinc feat. Lakatos Gelléri Barnabás, Laura Pöld, Ádám Ulbert Title: Global crises, local relationships Curator: Fruzsina Kigyós Photos: Dávid Bíró, Áron Wéber As the role and place of art has been continuously redefined in recent times, the exhibition series entitled Global Crises, Local Relationships aims to bring regional artists of the youngest […]

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  • Group show, Bucharest

    Group show, Bucharest

    Artists: Apparatus 22, Alex Bodea, Ștefan Botez, Hortensia Mi Kafchin, Katja Lee Eliad, Sebastian Moldovan, Ioana Nemeș, Adrian Oncu, Sorin Oncu, Veda Popovici.Title: YOU FEEL ∼ AND DRIFT ∼ AND SINGVenue 2-3-4: Suprainfinit Gallery, THE INSTITUTE, Switch Lab BucharestCurators: KILOBASE BUCHAREST – Dragoș Olea (also TRIUMF AMIRIA’s visual art curator) and Sandra Demetrescu (also chief […]

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  • Petra Feriancová AT ZAHORIAN & VAN ESPEN Bratislava

    Petra Feriancová AT ZAHORIAN & VAN ESPEN Bratislava

    Artist: Petra FeriancováTitle: Domain: WaterVenue: ZAHORIAN & VAN ESPEN Bratislava Domain: WaterTell me about those Antigone’s eyes. Grieving, yet set to seeher intention through.For a year, the isolation grew.Only those pages kept heron track.Almost as Francesca da Rimini,but with a lot of Cassandra’s style sentiment. Old those men of the olden days.Byron, Shelley, Stendhal,or Winckelmann.And […]

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  • Inside Job at Lily Robert, Paris

    Inside Job at Lily Robert, Paris

    Artist: Inside JobTitle: In FlamesVenue: Lily Robert, ParisText: Indira BéraudPhotos: Aurélien Mole At a galloping pace, raging fires mark the landscape like a red-hot iron. Soils are scorched, skies painted with toxic smoke. With this before us, no one can ignore the impact of climate change. An upward trend of conflagration risk rings loud and […]

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  • Grzegorz Demczuk at Karlin Studios, Prague

    Grzegorz Demczuk at Karlin Studios, Prague

    Artist: Grzegorz DemczukTitle: SlapstickCurator: Lukas HofmannVenue: Karlin Studios As they say, there are lessons to be found in failure. The need to intellectually process and define everything that contemporary art often exerts can become a consuming errand – failing then poses as a therapeutic device. Likewise, in this show, failure acts as a process of […]

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  • Tanja Muravskaja at Kogo Gallery, Tartu

    Tanja Muravskaja at Kogo Gallery, Tartu

    Artist: Tanja MuravskajaTitle: Abstract GardenVenue: Kogo Gallery, TartuText: Elnara TaidrePhoto: Tanja Muravskaja The last exhibition of the year at Kogo Gallery, based in Tartu, Estonia is Abstract Garden, a solo show of Tanja Muravskaja, an Estonian photo, video and installation artist. In the current polarised society, the artist, who is known for her earlier political […]

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  • Julia Gryboś and Barbora Zentková at TIC gallery, Brno

    Julia Gryboś and Barbora Zentková at TIC gallery, Brno

    Artists: Julia Gryboś and Barbora ZentkováTitle: Tea Bags on EyelidsVenue: TIC gallery, BrnoText: Ivana Hrončeková and Marika KupkováPhoto: Polina DavydenkoSound Performance: Jan Tomáš Another exhibition in the exhibition cycle by Barbora Zentková and Julie Gryboś focuses on the theme of collective fatigue and exhaustion. Each following exhibition carries clues from the previous one. Rather than […]

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